Do You Know Your GBRAC Status?

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If you have been diagnosed with metastatic or advanced stage breast cancer, you should know your gBRAC (germline breast cancer susceptibility gene) status. Knowing your status is an important part in evaluating your treatment options.

There is a new oral treatment available for certain patients with metastatic or advanced stage breast cancer. This treatment is called Lynparza. Studies have shown that patients who use this treatment have lived longer than those who did not. Many patients saw their tumors shrink and had a lower risk of cancer progression.

To find out whether this treatment is appropriate for you, you need to know your gBRAC status. To find out your gBRAC status, you can take a simple genetic test that can be ordered by your healthcare provider. This test is called myRisk. Learn more about myRisk here [link to myRisk page on].

The process to get tested is simple. First, order your test kit through the form below. Myriad Genetic Laboratories (the makers of myRisk) will send a kit to your home. Just take the kit to your provider to discuss genetic testing and ask them to order it at your next appointment. Follow the instructions of your provider and from the kit to provide a saliva sample and send the sample to Myriad.

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