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Why Myriad myRisk™ Hereditary Cancer?

The Myriad myRisk™ Hereditary Cancer panel does not tell you whether you have cancer. Rather, it detects broken genes associated with eight specific hereditary cancers. Knowing your results enables your healthcare provider and you to take action through increased screening, preventative medicine, or preventative surgery to reduce your risk. Approximately 5% to 10% of all cancers develop because a person inherits a gene that is broken (mutated) in a way that allows cancer to grow. Individuals with these broken genes are far more likely to develop cancer, often at a much earlier age, than the general population. That’s why being tested with myRisk is so important.

Why do I need a management plan if my result is negative?

Just because you test negative for a broken gene does not necessarily mean that you have the same level of risk as the general population. Your or your family’s cancer history increases your risk. The most important thing you can do is give your healthcare provider a complete and accurate family cancer history. Your healthcare provider will work with you to manage your risk. Talking with other family members is very important so that they can take steps to determine their own risk. More information on negative results >

What does a positive result mean?

Learning that you are positive for a broken gene associated with hereditary cancer gives you the power to take action to reduce your risk. Your test report will help by showing options for monitoring and intervention. Your report includes recommendations made by well-established and respected medical societies. These recommendations are for discussion between you and your healthcare provider. The two of you, as well as any loved ones and family you choose, will determine the right course for you. More information on positive results >

How do I read my report?

On the first page, you’ll find a summary of your results. Below the results, you can see which genes, if any, contain a mutation. In the pages that follow, you’ll find information about the specific cancers, their risks, and step you and your health care provider can take to develop a risk management plan that is right for you. More information on myRisk Reports >

Can my health insurance coverage be impacted by the results?

Federal laws (HIPAA and GINA) and laws in most states prohibit discrimination regarding employment eligibility, health benefits, or health insurance premiums based solely on genetic information. Additionally, it is Myriad’s policy that test results are disclosed only to the ordering healthcare professional or designee unless the patient consents otherwise. More information on privacy >

Will my health insurance pay for Myriad myRisk™ testing?

Most insurance arriers cover genetic testing services for hereditary cancer. In fact, the average patient pays less than $11 coinsurance. Most appropriate patients pay $0. More information on insurance and financial assistance >

Why Myriad?

Myriad has the greatest experience and insight in the field of genetic testing for hereditary cancer. Their genetic tests are known for quality and accuracy. Over the past 15 years, Myriad has tested more than one million people. The resulting knowledge base, the highly specialized professional staff, and the commitment to support healthcare providers combine to make Myriad the unquestioned leader in genetic testing for hereditary cancer. Learn more about the Myriad Promise