Treatment of Melanoma


Survival Rate


Survival Rate


Survival Rate

Early-advanced stage cancer

The primary treatment for early stage melanoma is wide surgical excision. Adjuvant therapy in the form of immunotherapy injections, radiation therapy, and/or chemotherapy may be given after surgery if there is thought to be a high risk of recurrence.

For regional melanomas, wide excision and a lymph node dissection is often performed plus possible adjuvant therapy.

If surgery cannot remove the entire tumor, other local treatments like immunotherapy injections or creams, ablation therapy, chemotherapy (local or systemic), or radiation therapy may be used instead for primary treatment.

Metastatic stage cancer

Surgery is often possible and may be followed with entry into a clinical trial. Disseminated metastatic melanoma is typically treated with systemic therapy and may include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and/or targeted therapy; if brain metastases are present, palliative surgery and/or radiation therapy is usually done first to prevent or ease CNS symptoms.

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